2017 Season Registration – OPEN

We are excited to invite you to register for the 2017 season.

Note that there has been a general increase in fees for 2017. For the schedule of registration fees for the 2017 season please click the following link: http://www.sunnybanksaints.org.au/registration-fees/

The club intends to again accept Get Started vouchers for 2017 however no information is yet available on the dates for round 9 vouchers expected in January 2017. As information becomes available we will update it here.

Refer https://www.qld.gov.au/recreation/sports/funding/getinthegame/getstarted/apply/

As decided by the club’s committee, registrations for 2017 will only be accepted when accompanied by full payment. If you are anticipating relying on a Get Started voucher you will need that voucher before registering.

To get started with your registration click this link: http://www.sunnybanksaints.org.au/registration-instructions/