Blue Card Registration

Recent Qld Government legislative changes to Blue Card requirements mean that ALL coaches and assistant coaches, from every age group, are now required to have a Blue Card.

The process is not difficult, and there is no cost – each blue card is free.

    Application Process:
  1. Get your drivers licence ready (or another ID provided by the Dept of Transport)
  2. Visit
  3. Select the ID type you are using, and follow through the on-screen instructions, logging in or registering for an online account.
  4. During this process, you will get to a point where it will say that “You are not a registered volunteer”. When you see this, send your full name, Account number (from the registration process) and your Date of Birth to our Club Vice President Pat Duigan at
  5. Pat will add you to the Club volunteer list, and after receiving confirmation from Pat, you can proceed with your application and complete the process.
  6. Your Blue Card will be sent to you. Please have it with you whenever volunteering for the Club.

Thank you for volunteering, and thank you for assisting the Club in complying with these requirements.