Caring for Our Field


  • All Coaches are supplied with cones, and therefore please use these and not the side lines, base lines etc when setting up training exercises.
  • There is no need for U5, U7 or U8 to use full size goals. Please use the small goals provided. These small goals are to be placed on the side lines. Large movable goals are to be used by U9 and up only. These goals are to be placed beside (not in front of) the main goals and removed back to the fence line when finished with.
  • When training is over all small goals are to be removed from the field. This is to enable mowing of the field without hindrance.
  • No one is to swing off the half way gate.
  • No one is to stand on the interchange benches or hang off the roof.
  • All empty bottles and rubbish are to be placed into the bins provided.
  • The last team is to lock the gates, toilets and turn off the lights.

Game Days

  • No one is to practice in goal areas before matches. There are senior games in the afternoon, and the lines must be visible to the referees, linesmen and players.
  • The interchange benches are for players only. The players are to remain on these benches until called to the interchange box, half way line, by the coach. The replaced player coming off the field is to return to the interchange bench.
  • Due to public liabilities, Parents, Coaches and Managers are to be aware of where their children and players are at all times. No swinging off small goal posts, climbing on fences and large goal posts etc.
  • Coaches and Mangers are to be aware of players digging holes in the field. The consequence of this is a twisted ankle or worse still, a broken ankle.