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SSSC – FFA National Curriculum extracted resources

As Director of Coaching, I have been invited to guide, encourage and prepare all our coaches at Sunnybank Saints with a view to implementing the FFA National Curriculum within the club.

Therefore, by providing the following resources (below), I hope it gives you some renewed enthusiasm in endeavouring to have all our players not only enjoying themselves but developing their skills at an age appropriate level along the way.

The following documents have been extracted from the FFA National Curriculum.

Each age group Phase has been separated for ease of access with the relevant information of the Model Coaching Session Plan that can be implemented for the season ahead.

It is important for the natural ongoing development of the players to adhere pretty closely to these Model Sessions.

(Obviously there may be a number of similar relevant ‘practices’ that could be used in place of the suggested ones if you feel it would assist in the players understanding in what is being taught.)

U5-U8:  Discovery Learning Phase
Click here to download manual

U9-U12:  Skill Acquisition Phase
(Since the QCSA introduces the full field game play for U9’s, an understanding of some of the Game Training practices may be of assistance also.)
Click here to download manual

 U13- U16:  Game Training Phase
Click here to download manual

U17 – Seniors:  Performance Phase
This can be accessed on the FFA Website as the full FFA National Curriculum. You can then be directed to the appropriate “Performance Phase” pages.

FFA National Curriculum
Click here to download curriculum.

The FFA National Curriculum is a 300 page document which includes all of the above Phases, plus also includes much of the Vision and Philosophy behind it. This is well worth the read.

As you locate your age relevant resource above and spend a few moments looking through the content you will find it becomes quite easy to follow.

I personally wish you well for the season ahead, and look forward to catching up with you through the season, and watching your team develop their skill set and enjoy the season ahead.

For God through sport,



John Mansfield
Director of Coaching
Sunnybank Saints Soccer Club

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