Councillor Kim Marx comes to the rescue of Sunnybank Saints Soccer!

New Clubhouse Curtains and Chairs

Thanks to the generosity of Councillor Kim Marx, the club was successful in receiving a grant of $5,000 for the curtains and new chairs for the new clubhouse. Thanks Kim!

Sunnybank Saints Soccer Club has recently built its first clubhouse at 95 Lister St in Sunnybank.
This was funded by club savings and grants from all three levels of Government.

With all savings expended, fitting out the clubhouse was a problem.
One hurdle was the need for curtains in the meeting room and stackable chairs.

BCC Councillor Kim Marx of Runcorn Ward had a solution for us.
At Kim’s request we made application through Runcorn Ward to the Lord Mayor’s Suburban Initiatives Fund, for a grant to purchase these items.

We were successful, and received a generous grant of $5,000!

This money was used for the curtains and the 70 chairs which are now installed.
This would not have happened without Kim’s assistance, so we thank you Kim!

Councillor Marx has helped resolve a number of problems for the club in recent years.
Her ongoing support is greatly appreciated.

Terry Crimston
Facilities Development Officer (Hon)
Sunnybank Saints Soccer Club