Forfeits and Rescheduling of Matches


If a team needs to reschedule due to unavailability of players (and not just 2-3 players) etc, there is a process and time line that must be followed to allow this to happen.

  • You must first contact the QCSA Fixture Officer to let the QCSA Fixture Officer know that you have a problem.   Please go through your club secretary and do not email directly to the QCSA.  QCSA Fixture Officer will to point you in the right direction of who to talk to. After that you need to contact the opposition and ask them to agree to a new date, time and venue. The QCSA Fixture Officer then needs to get confirmation in writing (email) from BOTH teams that they have agreed to it.

All this must be completed by 7:30 pm Monday in the week of the game.

It is possible to agree to it by that time and then work out the alternate arrangements later, if the match is not going to take place that Saturday.

Generally, you will be given the chance to come to suitable a agreeance between both teams within a few weeks.  If this doesn’t happen, then the Fixture Officer will set the new time and place for the game to be rescheduled and that is when it will be…no ifs or buts.


Any team needing to forfeit must let their club know, who in turn, must let the QCSA Fixture Officer know by 7:30 pm Wednesday, on the week of the game.

An email is the way to go as it must be in writing before QCSA Fixture Officer will start the process. If you don’t get a response from the email, you can follow it up with a phone call if you like, as the email may have gone missing.

If you forfeit after this time, you will be fined and will have to pay the match fees (e.g., light hire, referee and assistants) for both your team and the opposition.

When a team forfeits, the other team will be awarded the three win points. As well the average goals “against” by the forfeiting team will be applied to both teams. The formula for calculating the average goals against is to divide total goals scored against them in the current completed rotation of fixtures (i.e., play all opposition once), by the number of games played. This amount will be added to the forfeiting teams “against” and the other teams “for” at the completion of each rotation. A minimum of 3 goals will be applied to both teams.

As well there is further minus point penalties in the last 5 rounds of fixtures. (-1 or -3 depending on whether appropriate notification is received or not.