Information for Coach’s and Managers


1/ There have been a number of completed Match Cards received that do not have any indication of player eligibility,

That is, the Y or N have not been circled verifying the identities of the players on the match card.  This is found under the players in the middle of the match card on the right hand side; Opposing Team Manager.

Managers are required to circle Y / N.  It is in small print but is important.   If you are not happy with the identity of the opposing players, don’t be afraid to circle N.  The QCSA Officials will then check the names etc.  The game still has to be played though.  Of course this should be done against the RPL and Match Card before the start of each game.  There have been a number of instances already this season regarding player eligibility, unless this is checked by the opposing managers before the start of the game, it is very difficult for us to prove who the player was.  By-Law 13.2.

2/  The Vested Official (VO) is to walk onto the field with the team at the start of the game.  The Referees are asked to indicate whether a VO from each team is in attendance at each game.  On quite a few occasions the Referee has circled NO when in fact there was a VO there (in their vest).  This is to make everyone aware of who is the VO, spectators as well as the referee.

3/  We would encourage every team to say a prayer before the game.  There is a Prayer Card on the QCSA Website that may be printed off and given to every team.  You don’t have to say a prayer from the card but a prayer has to be said before the game starts.

4/  Referees Course.  A referee course will be held at Brittain Park, Wednesday 1st July commencing 8.30 am and concluding about 4.00 pm.  This is in the school holidays.  Please see attached flyer from the QCSRA.  Please let your U13/14’s and above know of this course.  Interested persons can contact the QCSRA direct on the details in the flyer below.
QCSRA Referee Course