Information Senior Players

Players – need to be aged appropriately for that age group ie as at 31 December (at the commencement of the season). Proof of age is required ie drivers licence, passport or birth certificate.

Traveling – All Senior competition (Ladies, U17/18, Mens, Over 30’s & 40’s) normally involves some traveling depending on the age groups.

  • Ladies, U17/18 and Senior games take place on a Saturday.
  • O30 & O40 mens play on Friday nights.

Game times – competitions times vary, however Saturday games are normally 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm games times depending on graded positions and availability of referees to attend the locations. Over 30 & 40 mens games can commence from 6pm onwards again depending on referee availability.

Teams numbers – are capped to allow plenty of game time for all team players.

Sunnybank Saints Soccer Club subscribes to FAIR GAME TIME for ALL PLAYERS regardless of the players ability.

Referees/Lines Persons – are normally supplied by the Association, however it is not uncommon to have a lines person not available, thereby you may have to supply a person to assist.  It may also be the case that lower divisional teams may not have lines persons available (its all dependent on the number in the association – which is relative to how they are treated from week to week).  Treat them with respect and more will become available.

Training – for these age groups is only 1 day per week, however the length of time a team trains is dependent on the age group, in this instance all Senior Teams are allocated 90 minute training sessions starting from 7.30pm.  Training locations may be either at the Sunnybank or Calamvale fields.  Preference for training times and locations are taken at the end of team formation.

Team formation – when forming teams, preferences will be given for returning players (previous season only) to return to their previous season team (friendship group) up until initial close of registration (ICOR) and subject to clause 6.0 (Team Composition).  Returning players (previous season) failing to register by ICOR may not necessarily be returned to their previous season team (friendship group) if numbers have been filled.

Grading – all Senior players are graded at Sunnybank Saints.  Every effort is made to accommodate a player into an appropriate team.

Players are expected to volunteer for one Saturday morning Line Marking Duty.  This is not a hard job but helps us keep fees to a minimum level.

Senior players are also expected to abide by all Club Behaviour requirements.  It is compulsory for any Senior players to complete a

Please ensure you read and familiarise yourself with all club rules and policies.

For position availability and further information, please contact the Senior Registrar (see Contact Us).  Please remember we are all volunteers and if we dont answer the phone immediately leave a message or send a txt message.