Lister Street



The Club relies on the team’s coach, manager and players  to ensure that the Lister St facilities are properly secured after the last game.
The components of the lock-up task are:
  1. Corner flags
  2. Goal nets
  3. Toilets
  4. Gates
  5. Lights
  6. Quick clean up (including rubbish left lying around or it gets blowed around the field)


1. Corner flags
  • Collect the four corner flags and put them in the end bay of the shed.

2. Goal nets

  • There is a dark green wheelie bin just inside the shed door. The nets go in this.
  • It has a ladder for unhooking the nets.
  • It has two plastic boxes marked Boorman St and Lions Club Hall.
  • Please rollup the nets and put them in the appropriate box.
  • The net at the Lions Hall end has three long tie ropes back to the fence.
  • These MUST be disconnected from the net, rolled up and placed in the three plastic bottles in the net box.
  • If you don’t disconnect these three tie ropes, they get caught up in the net and it is very difficult to untangle it.
  • Collect all the steel pegs and place them in the box on the front of the wheelie bin.
  • Put the wheelie bin and ladder back in the end bay of the shed.
  • Lock the shed with the big key from the light box.
  • Put the key back in the light box.
3. Toilets
  • The toilet block at the end of the Lions Club hall is owned and operated by the Club.
  • Your standard managers key opens the locks on the toilet doors.
  • Please close and lock both toilets and turn off the internal lights if they are on.
  • If you fail to lock these toilets the vandals can have a very destructive time.
4. Gates
  • You need to lock the main vehicle entry gate to the field and the two small gates facing the Lions Hall.
  • Your standard managers key fits the padlocks on the small gates.
  • If the padlock for the main gate is locked, the big key from the light box will open it.
  • The gate between the high school and the soccer field should also be closed and padlocked.
5. Lights
  • You need to turn off the field lights as the last action.
  • Your managers key will open the light switch box located at the mid point of the shed.
  • After turning off the lights, ensure that the light box is padlocked closed.
6. Quick clean up
  • If you have time, please collect all abandoned plastic water bottles and place them in the nearest bin.
  • Other large items of rubbish could also be placed in the bin.
  • This is only intended to be a very quick and basic tidy up.
  • We need your assistance and diligence to help us protect our club’s assets.
  • It only needs the main gate to be left open once for hoons to drive in and destroy our playing surface in 10 minutes.
If you are the home team for a 3.00 pm or 5.00 pm game at Lister St, and there is not another Sunnybank team ready to take the field after your game, then assume you are the last team and action the lock-up procedure.
Thanks in anticipation of your attention to the above actions.