Six-a-Side Rules

Rules are listed below, or can be downloaded here.


  • 2 x 20 minute halves with 5 minute half-time break.
  • Maximum 6 players (5 + goalkeeper) on pitch at any time.
  • No corner posts or witches hats; Goals are QCSA size defined for half size pitch.
  • The Ball will be size 5 and meets all other FIFA requirements.
  • Unlimited substitutions can be made while the game is in progress (no-need to tell the referee or wait for game to stop). Substitutions are made from the centreline and the new player cannot enter the pitch until the retiring player has left.
  • Any Goalkeeper Interchange must be advised to the referee prior to the change.
  • It is expected Sunnybank’s Fair Game Time Policy is adhered too. (Team Managers are expected to keep track of players off-field time).
  • The offside rule does not apply.
  • Game starts with kick off from centre, both teams in own half. Game restart is also from the centre. The receiving team must be 5 metres from the half way line.
  • If an attacker kicks the ball from inside the goal “D” it is a free kick from the “D” for the defending team.
  • Defenders may enter their own goal area along with the goalkeeper during normal play – the goalkeeper can come out from the “D” but can’t handle the ball.
  • During a free kick awarded to an attacking team at the 5m position from the “D”, defenders must not interfere or be involved with the kick.
  • If the goalkeeper successfully defends a free kick, play immediately resumes.
  • If the goalkeeper picks up the ball from within the goal circle, he has six (6) seconds to get the ball back into play by a throw only. If the ball fails to clear the goal area on the 1st throw, the goalkeeper may pick it up and have a 2nd throw. A timeout results in a 5m free kick for the attacking team.
  • The goalkeeper may not pick up the ball from a pass back or kick in from a defending player.
  • A goal kick must be kicked from the ground from the edge of the “D”. The other team must be back 5m.
  • Free kicks are for usual items – hand ball, pushing and tripping. Slide tackles will result in a penalty.
  • Free kicks – ALL free kicks are indirect (must pass the ball not shoot). Other team must be 5m back from the ball.
  • Free kicks awarded to the attacking team which are closer than 5m to “D” must be taken back 5m from “D”
  • Ball must be kept below shoulder height (referee will use his discretion). Any ball kicked above shoulder height results in a free kick to the opposition where the ball was kicked from.
  • Corner kicks must be passed (no head high shots). Opposition must be back 5m.
  • Balls which go out over the side line must be kicked in (not thrown). The ball must be placed ON the line where the ball went out. Non-kicking foot must be behind the line. Opposition players must be back 5m. The kick-in team has 6 seconds to kick the ball from when they have taken possession of the ball (players are not expected to leave the field to retrieve the ball). A timeout will result in the opposition team taking the kick.
  • Goals cannot be scored directly from a kick in.
  • A player who receives a yellow card whilst on the field will be “sinbinned” for 3 minutes and may not be replaced during this time.