Training resumes from Monday, June 8!

The latest updates from the Qld Government regarding Covid restrictions has brought some great news – training is back on!

With training thankfully being able to resume from Monday, strict restrictions will be enforced to ensure compliance with the newly released Covid Safe regulations.

This will involve the creation of separate zones on the training field, limits on numbers in each zone, and limits to the types of training allowed.

All managers and coaches are aware of the requirements, and will ensure that everyone is treated to a great training session while also remaining safe and compliant.

During this return to a very different form of training, we ask that you please follow all instructions and observe group limits, zones and any directions you are given.

Despite these changes to our normal training sessions, I think we can all agree that it is just great to be back training, whatever the changes!

We look forward to seeing you at training. Stay safe, and train hard!