U9 will play small sided games

U9’s will play small sided games (SSG) in the 2020 season.

What does this mean for Sunnybank players ?

  • We would have up to 12 players in each team, 8-9 players (yet to be determined) on the field and 3 subs.
  • All games will be played on smaller fields (across the big field) with the emphasis on Player Development rather than winning or loosing.
  • Players get more enjoyment and learn more.
  • Players get more touches on the ball, learn more quickly and have to make more decisions.
  • Players are more involved in the game and each participate gets more individual attention.
  • Players are more involved in attacking and defensive movements which exposes them to a wider range of football situations.
  • The ball is in play far more often.

SSG leads to improved quality of play, self-esteem and player retention.

Field sizes would be length – 60m-70m, width 45-50m depending on availability. Goals would obviously be smaller. This year (2020) the SSG will not be expanded to those who will be playing in U10. In 2021, SSG will include U9 & U10.😀