Uniform requirements

All players must wear approved club shorts, socks and jerseys for matches. Shin-pads and studded football boots are required for both training and matches.

Jersey loan scheme – The club lends each team a complete set of numbered match jerseys for the duration of the playing season. The following conditions apply:

  • Club jerseys are to be worn during fixture matches and official training matches only.
  • They should be taken off immediately after a match and must not be worn as casual wear at other times.
  • They are not to be worn home or kept by an individual for the season.
  • Each team’s jerseys must stay together as a complete set throughout the season.
  • They are to be washed as a set and not individually.
  • The team manager is responsible for maintaining the good condition of the jerseys and returning them to the club at the end of the season.

Compulsory uniform items – Players are individually responsible for the rest of their kit, which consists of club royal blue shorts,  club yellow and blue socks, shin-pads and boots. These will need to be purchased for each player however they will generally last for several seasons.

  • Shorts (royal blue) for $30.00 – available for purchase from club
  • Socks (yellow & blue)  for $10.00 – available for purchase from club
  • Soccer boots (from $15 upwards) – limited kids sizes available for purchase from club or purchase elsewhere
  • Shin pads (from $10 upwards) – purchase elsewhere

Optional uniform items – the following items can be purchased at the player’s discretion.

  • Club Hats (blue soft bucket) for $18 – permitted on-field for U5-U8 matches
  • Club Shirt (blue) for $40 – for parents or players to promote club identity at matches etc.
  • Club Jacket (blue) for $60 – for parents or players to promote club identity at matches etc.