Brian Glazebrook Shield

The “Brian Glazebrook” Shield was something that I thought would be nice to have, as we didn’t have any sort of perpetual trophy with which the Club could record special efforts by teams over the years. My intention was that it just be a shield which could be called something like the Saints Shield, but a few people suggested that it should bear my name.  Ironically, I made the shield and it was presented to the Club around the same time I was honoured with being made the Club’s very first Life Member.  Anyway, when I was asked about the criteria for having a team’s name added to the shield, my response was that it could be for any reason the Committee saw fit. It did not necessarily have to be based on the success of a team’s playing performance over a season. It could be that they never won a game but received it for Team spirit. I guess what I am trying to say is there are no pre-determined guidelines, other than the decision made, although maybe not unanimous, is acceptable to everyone.

….(Brian Glazebrook)